Electromagnetic brake TELMA

Electromagnetic brake TELMA

An electromagnetic brake is coupled through the ABS system to vehicle wheels. This way ensures reliable braking force, which the customer can trust in any circumstances. If you control this force, you can achieve significant savings on brake linings and on tyres. The retarder averts systematic usage of main brakes. The main brakes stay cool, efficient and ready to use in an essential event like, for example an emergency braking.

Even in a low speed, the retarder can slow down by a simple pushing of the brake pedal in automatic mode since the first moment of a need. The retarder prevents overheating of the main brakes so that it takes over up to 80% of the braking energy. Thus, the risk of the thermal brake "fading" is eliminated and the brake linings and drums are preserved at the same time.

TELMA retarders can be easily mounted on all common chassis. They are inserted between the gearbox and the axle drive as well as onto the gearbox directly. Position of the device between two cardan shafts is exactly fixed to assure collinear transmission. TELMA retarders of various series are offered in an exceptionally broad scale. They provide safety and savings on any type of utilization - on the road, on the highway, on the plain, in the mountains and in the urban traffic.



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