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As a part of the HR and Employment operational program Porgest realizes project:
Systematic education to increase the company's competitiveness.

Porgest, Inc.

Project registration number: CZ.1.04 / 1 Jan. 02 / 23.00649
Subsidy amount: CZK 2,691,793 from the budget of the European Union
Duration of the project: 1 September 2009 - 30 June 2011
The main objective of the project is the training of company employees, increase their adaptability and competitiveness of both the Czech and European market.
The specific objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:
Develop management skills of executives,
Improve the management system and learn new methods,
Strengthen the business skills of selected employees,
To improve management of human resources in the company,
Increase the level of production and technological skills,
To improove the knowledge of engineering English and improve negotiations skills with foreign partners,
Improve self-knowledge and knowledge of others in the team,
Strengthen employee loyalty,
Improve the overall ICT literacy of employees.
Employees trained under the project are able to pass on the information, experience and knowledge to their colleagues, subordinates and new employees after completion of the project.


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