Freight transport in agriculture

Freight transport in agriculture

For the conversion of chassis we mainly use Tatra chassis and in the last two years, especially their new model PHOENIX with 3900 mm wheelbase. This fully-drive chassis is in agricultural production let us to maximize use of their abilities with minimal operating costs.

How do we do it?
The chassis are equiped with support subframe with a reinforced DINITROL coating for increased durability and longer usage. Further, the car is equipped with a hydraulic tipping system and other outlets for additional hydraulic drives (e.g. pumps, etc.). Also edited special auxiliary gearbox allows cutomer to connect other agricultural bodies (eg, manure etc.). In case if a customer already own some swap bodies, it is possible in most cases to agree to a modification in order to be used on the new vehicle. The chassis is also retrofitted with air lift in combination with stabling legs which are delivered to our extensions, allows an easy disassembly and exchange of tipping bodies without the need for a crane or other lifting equipment. Weaned body then stand on these legs.

The individual approach

We are able to deliver tipping bodies in many versions and materials.
The basic model of tipping bodies allows to set any transport configuration for example for transportation of grain, silage or haylage-commodities. For customers who require high transmission quality without the limitations we produce tipping bodies designed specifically for cereals or for silage and haylage. Given that the transportation of these commodities is fundamentally different, it seems an optimal combination of two hulls as optimally despite on higher initial investment.
Tipping bodies for silage require higher-volume and bigger unloading hole, because they are manufactured as one-sided (usually the left). This body can have up to 31 m3 volume with a special adapter.

Tipping bodies for grain are produced as bilateral (usually the left and back sided). Sides can be controlled mechanically or hydraulically. Tailboard opens automatically from the frame. Of course there are rattling off window at the back, bridges, tents etc.

Both versions of platforms we are able to deliver as freight trucks, as well as the completion of trailers from various manufacturers.
For the most demanding customers we produce aluminum tipping bodies, where there is a significant savings in weight of bodies - up to 30% and thus can be transported more than their own material on the backs of heavier steel. Aluminium is more resistant to external influences both weathering and chemical attack of various substances and commodities and thus extends the life and reducing maintenance.

We are aware of the intensity of agricultural production and realize that each farm has different needs and we are ready to suggest the best possible individual solutions in order to meet all the requirements.


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