• Freight transport in agriculture

    Freight transport in agriculture

    Agricultural production, like other fields in recent years has experienced a major change and keeping working on ...

  • Drays

    We produce platforms (drays) according customer requirements, including special designs as steel, and aluminum.

  • Tipping bodies

    We produce tipping bodies from one-side to three-sided designs. Extensive production opportunities and customization.

  • Installation of hydraulic systems

    We assemble hydraulic cranes and hydraulic equipment from different manufacturers (HIAB, Palfinger, HM, etc...).

  • Installation of platforms DHOLLANDIA

    In the cooperation with company DHOLLANDIA we sell and assemble hydraulic platforms of this well-known international brand. 

    DHOLLANDIA in facts and ...

  • Conversions according ADR

    Сonversion of vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods according ADR for all operated vehicles in the Czech Republic and all types of ADR ...

  • Modification and service

    Modifying and servicing of vehicles in terms of electro and electrical equipment, including independent heating, tachographes, ABS, brakes, hydraulic ...


Modifying and servicing of vehicles in terms of electro and electrical equipment, including independent heating, tachographes, ABS, brakes, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, chassis and bodies.



Sales department

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Technical department

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Verification and repair of tachographs


Our company is a member of the network of authorized State Metrological Centres for verification of the tachographs according to the requirements of the European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR) and according to the Regulation No. 102/95 Collection of Laws authorizing the use of vehicles for road traffic.

Concurrently, based on service agreements with exclusive importers of tachographs VDO-KIENZLE and VEEDER ROOT, company Porgest, Inc. is authorized for warranty and after-warranty service of the tachographs of stated brands.

The service is performed by replacing of a component, i.e. the customer always leaves the shop with a new or repaired tachograph including verification, sealing, labelling and issuance of a relevant protocol.

If the vehicle is equipped with a tachograph that complies neither with regulations of the European Agreement (AETR) nor with the Regulation No. 102/95 Collection of Laws, a new electronic tachograph meeting requirements of the above documents can be installed. Verification and issuance of relevant documents is obvious with the replacement.

During a choice of the brand of a new tachograph, we shall be pleased to recommend exactly what the user expects from the tachograph.

Summary of activities:

1. Verification of tachographs - VDO KIENZLE, VEEDER ROOT - including issuance of a certificate
2. Replacement of defective electronic tachograph with a new one - installation, connection, checking





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New website

In the end of February 2015 we have launched a new website. We hope you will find this version more usable.  Its main advantage for our current and future customers and partners is that it is available in three languages: Czech, English and Russian. You are welcome to comment and ask any questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Exhibition in Moscow, June 2014

In June of 2014 in Moscow on the Technical Exhibition were presented new trucks TARTA PHOENIX 6x6 and 8X8 with tipping bodies produced by our company. New type of tipping body was produced specificly for the russian requirements to work in extreme conditions which might be tipical for Russia. Tracks were presented at two platforms: